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Increase Your Home’s Value With Landscape Upgrades

Written by Hillassistance Landscaping LLC

Updated 03/03/21

hillassistance landscaping llc landscape upgrades

It is estimated that the average U.S. homeowner spends around $15,000 on home improvements over the course of a lifetime. That’s a lot of money, but most people don’t think about the landscaping upgrades they can make to their home. A landscape upgrade can actually add considerable value to your home if done properly.

By investing in the exterior of your home as well as much as the interior, you’ll be able to increase the value of your home a considerable amount easily. Let’s take a closer look at a few landscape upgrades that you can add to your home to start increasing its market value.


1: Hire a Professional Lawn Care Expert


Every homeowner knows that having a healthy lawn is important if you want your property to look great. However, it may not always be easy to keep the grass green and lush year-round. Instead of wasting your money on trial and error, look into hiring a professional lawn care expert.

Lawn care professionals have tools and techniques you may not have at home. They know how to grow grass in the hottest conditions or the coldest ones and help keep your grass green year-round. Think about all of the money you will save when your yard is properly maintained. That could be cutting back on water, unneeded fertilizer, and much more.


2: Revitalize Your Landscape


If you want to improve your property value, it is time to look through your garden. But be careful! Check on the plants and trees that are dying or have died and remove them and the weeds growing all around the bushes. You can also make some structural changes to your garden – planting new trees, bushes or even adding a pond could do wonders for the scenery.

You don’t have to invest a whole lot of money to refresh your landscape; by removing dead or dying plants and adding in a few new ones, you can easily create a beautiful garden.

3: Add Hardscape Designs


Here in Florida, your lawn can be green and lush most months; however, when the sweltering heat from summer rolls around, it can leave your yard looking dry and dead. Instead of relying on your beautiful yard to add value to your home, try looking into upgrading your landscape with hardscape designs.

Hardscape upgrades are an easy way to add value and excitement to the living space of your home. Hardscape is the durable, non-planted part of your landscape design. This includes structures and features such as patios, decks, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, and more. Patios and decks are a great way to extend your living season and provide additional outdoor space to entertain family and friends.


4: Install Outdoor Lighting


Have you ever gone on a nighttime walk and felt that your home doesn’t stick out in the dark? That is a huge improvement you can make with the help of outdoor lighting. Not only can outdoor light fixtures like motion lights and pathway lights create mood and ambiance at night, but they can also make your home much safer.

Not only that, but they are less expensive to operate than some may think and have an average payback period of just 2 years. All of this is due to you increasing the appeal of your property, which, in turn, increases its value.

The way your home looks from the outside can greatly impact how potential buyers picture themselves living in it. So, when putting your house on the market or wanting to sell it later, consider transforming your landscape into something that will showcase your home better and bring substantial benefits.

Even if you are not looking to place your home on the market anytime soon, these upgrades will increase your home’s overall curb appeal and give you a better quality of life. If you are looking to upgrade your landscape, contact the professionals in residential and commercial lawn care at Hillassistance Landscaping LLC today to see how we can help you bring the beauty back to your yard.