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Landscape Design: Is it Worth the Cost?

Written by Hillassistance Landscaping LLC

Updated 02/25/21

landscape design hillassistance landscaping llc

Have you ever drove or walked by a home and thought to yourself, “Wow, their yard is immaculate!” or “Their plants are so beautiful!” In most cases, the reason being is because the homeowners have a professional landscaping company come in regularly to maintain their yard, strategically plant shrubs and trees and maintain that beautiful green grass.

Landscape design is more than simple yard maintenance; it involves creating an appealing layout that flows with your home and vision. You may think that landscape design is not worth the cost or well out of your budget, but you’d be wrong. Today we will be discussing why landscape design is well worth the cost.


Property Value


If you have ever considered placing your home on the market one day, you might be amazed to find that a simple landscape design can significantly increase your home’s value. When you look for a new home to purchase, I bet the first thing you judge is the outside; with that being said, having a well-kept and maintained yard would make a great first impression on potential buyers.

The University of Michigan recently ran a study that showed homebuyers valued the landscape of a home 11.3% higher than the same home with poor landscaping. That statistic right there should show you how important landscape design is, especially when selling your home. Another study done by Trulia shows that adding landscaping and hardscaping installations into your property has the potential to give you a return investment of as much as 150%, which puts it ahead of traditional home improvements such as bathroom and kitchen remodeling.




The best part of landscape design is the ability to customize every aspect of the design to your desire. Do you want specific trees? flowers? or shrubs? You got it! What about the color of your patio pavement? Or the length of your deck? That can all be customized and fitted to your specifications and needs. When going through with a design project such as this, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions to create the space that you want, such as:

  1. how much enjoyment will this investment bring?
  2. will I get a good return on this new investment?
  3. what is a reasonable amount to invest in this project?

By asking yourself these questions and gathering aspects of other designs that you love, we can help you create the landscape design of your dreams, whether it is big or small.


Quality of Life


Of course, the biggest return on your new investment is the increase in the quality of life that you and your family will experience—for example, clear and well-constructed pathways. If you have young children or need help moving around the outside of your home, the pathways to reach the front or back yard are essential. It’s also important that these pathways are safe, filled with lighting, and well-constructed, which will help avoid injuries and allow everyone to feel safe.

Hardscape installations such as waterfalls, retaining walls, fountains, arches, and much more add an alluring element to your design and help to elevate your outdoor scenery. Plants, trees, and flowers also add a sense of tranquility to any home and create a warm and welcoming environment.

Whether your project is as big as adding lush plants and shrubbery along your newly constructed pathway or as simple as keeping your grass well maintained, trust the experts here at Hillassistance Landscaping LLC for all of your landscape design needs. We will help you get the most out of your investment while creating a beautifully planned and executed landscape; contact us today to learn more about our services.