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SOD Installation

sod installation services hill assistance landscaping llc

In simplest terms, sod is patches of grass held together by soil and a root system. Sod is most commonly used in lawns, golf courses, and sports stadiums. There are a few different reasons you would choose to use sod over seedlings for new grass growth.

One reason being is that it increases the overall aesthetic of the landscaping once installed. With sod, you can easily place a new patch of grass on top of the old soil and let it grow without much worry.

Another benefit is that it helps establish grass growth in a lawn or area quicker than traditional seed sowing. If you are looking for that picturesque, vibrant green yard, then sod is the way to go. Once the roots have been established, you and your family can enjoy your beautiful new yard without having to worry about damaging new growth.

At Hillasssitance Landscaping LLC, we provide you with the best sod installation services in the Volusia and Flagler county area. Our sod installation services will make your yard look greener than before and promote grass growth. Call us today to speak to a team member about getting the lawn of your dreams and discuss sod options that best fit your needs and aesthetic.