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Mulch Installation

mulch installation services hill assistance landscaping llc

Mulch is a natural way to keep your garden healthy and green. As it ages, over time, the mulch breaks down into the soil, providing nutrients for your plants. Since it is a primarily organic material, mulch comes in many different forms, such as tree bark, pine saw, wood chips, moss grass clippings, and leaves, to name a few.

Mulch can also come in various colors, giving you the option to customize your landscape even more by creating a cohesive color scheme throughout your yard. There are many other benefits to using mulch in your outdoor landscape maintenance.
A few benefits are that it helps prevent weed from growing around your plants and allows your plants and trees to conserve water by maintaining moisture. Also, it requires no maintenance and adds an aesthetic ambiance to your space.

Mulch plays a vital part in landscaping. When used, it can lead to many positive results for your home and lawn. At Hillassistance Landscaping LLC, we only use top-quality mulch for our customers. If you’re interested in seeing how much mulch can benefit your landscape maintenance, call us today to schedule a consultation with one of our professionals.